AIMS Meets The Undersecretary For Legal and Multilateral Affairs

Aug 7, 2015 by

التقى ممثلون عن الجمعية الاسترالية العراقية الاسلامية بسعادة وكيل وزارة الخارجية الاستاذ عمر البرزنجي اثناء تواجده في سدني . الاجتماع بدأ بمقدمة طيبة من سعادته ثم تناوب ممثلو الجمعية على الكلام بدأ بايجاز عن تأسيس الجمعية واهدافها وفعاليات الجمعية رغم عمرها القصير واستعداد الجمعية لمساعدة اهلنا في العراق ضمن امكانياتها ثم طرحت بعض الاراء والاقتراحات الاخرى . اللقاء تم بحضور سفير العراق في استراليا والقنصل العام في سدني وممثل حكومة اقليم كردستان في سدني والجميع ابدوا استعدادهم لتقبل الاقتراحات والمساعدة في تفعيلها .

الاجتماع ساده مناخ من الايجابية والدعوة الى السلم الاجتماعي ومراعاة مصلحة العراق على المدى البعيد والدعاء بتحسن حال البلد

Representatives from the Australian Iraqi Muslim Society met with the Undersecretary for Legal and Multilateral Affairs Omar Al Barzanji during his visit to Sydney.

The meeting started with Mr Al Barzanji welcoming the AIMS delegation and thanking them for their visit. The delegation members in turn spoke about the activities and stated goals that AIMS is working towards since its inception and establishment not long ago, as well as the organisation’s readiness to offer assistance to the people of Iraq within our capacity limitations. The delegation also put forward recommendations and discussion points towards this cause.

The meeting included respected VIP’s including the Iraqi Ambassador to Australia. the Consul General in Sydney, as well as a representative of the Kurdistan Government in Sydney, all of whom were willing and happy to review the recommendations provided and to help in facilitating for them further down the track.

The meeting was conducted in a warm, friendly and positive atmosphere, and a united call for social harmony and working towards the best interests of Iraq in the long term, and was ended with a prayer for the betterment of the country

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