Statement on Current Falluja crisis

May 29, 2016 by

Statement on Current Falluja crisis

The Australian Iraqi Muslim Society: Statement on Current Falluja crisis

Again and again the human catastrophe in Iraq never ends. We were hopeful as many other peace loving people around the world that the suffering and hardship of Falluja people and many other cities and townships will come to end when they will be freed and be able to live in peace and away from the starvation, death and insecurity on the hand of ISIL.

However the news has come up with shocking scenes of mass bombing, militia watching to commit yet another massacres similar to the one committed in Tikrit, Diyala and whenever they had the chance to implement their cruel, violent and anti-human ideology of revenge.

What makes it even more worrying that these atrocities are happening in the presence of what supposed to be the Iraqi army and the air surveillance of allied air force.

Australian Iraqi Muslims Society (AIMS) as social and cultural society is deeply concerned that the horrible crimes will repeat itself on the hand of these dirty militia and the innocent citizen will be quote between the cruel crimes of the militia and the terror of ISIL for no justification except that they live in the area of conflict.

We call on all the parties starting with the Iraqi government to be up to it’s commitment towards all the citizens of Iraq, stop the militia from their sadistic inhuman behavior and do all in it’s capacity to fulfil the requirements for the families which can make their way to the area under government’s control, handle them in civilized way away from mass punishment, out of law arrest and torture.

We condemn with the strongest words those statements, mass accusation made by some militia leaders, warlords of all the citizen of the war zone and calling for extinction of all of them. We also condemn the Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Iraq in biased and colonial intend which will certainly do nothing but worsening the sectarian division and be the best recipe for further violence.

As Australians of Iraqi background we call on the Australian government to take this into consideration and do everthing in its capacity to stop the cruelty of sectarian militia. Australians are proud of the constructive, peace contributing role of their nation globally including Iraq, but we are equally concerned if our country and army fight the same battle with those militia, with a well known history in crimes, sick ideology and all their links to other criminal and terrorist organizations. We also call on all non-government organizations to do their best in alleviating the calamities and the harsh living conditions of all displaced families and supply the basics of decent life.



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