Baghdad Nights

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Baghdad Nights
April 30, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Stars Palace
15A Railway Parade
Fairfield NSW 2165
Ahmed Al Aani


Australian Iraqi Muslim Society Event : Baghdad Nights

As you well know, the memories of Iraq have become almost all signs of sadness, so much that we have become acquainted with the language and beaty of loss. The poet Abdulrazaq Abdulwahid says in his poem:

دَمـعٌ لِبَغـداد .. دَمـعٌ بالمَلاييـن ِ
مَن لي بِبَغـداد أبكيهـا وتَبكينـي؟

Millions of tears spent weaping for Baghdad
Who will stand with me as I cry for her and as she cries for me

We at the Australian Iraqi Muslim Society refuse to rely only on our sadness and painful memories. We will remember instead happy memories of better times and of a greatness we will see inshallah in our future. We prefer to recite Nazar Qabbani’s poetry on Baghdad

مدي بساطي … واملئي اكوابي
وانسي العتاب ,فقد نسيت عتابي
عيناك يا بغداد منذ طفولتي
شمسان نائمتان في اهدابي

Welcome me into your home, serve me your drinks
And forget your sorrows, for I have forgotten mine
Your eyes-oh Baghdad- since my childhood
Have been like a sun sleeping beyond my thoughts.

On this note, and with the utmost zeal, we invite our members and friends for a night of enjoyment, of happy memories and of a fantastic narrative of the once centre of the world, the city of peace, the gift of God, the home of knowledge, beauty and warm hearts: Baghdad.

Our event will include poetry, competitions, authentic food, and a beautiful art exhibition by the talented Iraqi traditional artist Tigris Arts. It will be a lot of fun for the whole family inshallah, and will take place at “Stars Palace” 15A Railway Parade, Fairfield, on Sunday 30 April 2017 from 2pm to 6pm.

Tickets are $35 for per person. Free entry for children under 5.

Reserve your seats quickly by responding to this email and paying by Sunday 16 April 2017. Payments can be made to the Society’s bank account: BSB: 062329, Acc No.: 10444818, Acc Name: Australian Iraqi Muslim Society Inc.

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